Minority Leaders for Society – MLS has organized the Training Course  “Minorities, Opportunities and Challenges – From Awareness to Action” that has provided a platform for development of key competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) over the topic of minority inclusion.

The participants had an opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge with particular interest put acheterdufrance.com into the experiences of South Eastern European countries and Programme countries. Mixture of participants from Programme and Neighbouring Partner Countries have enhanced the conceptof active participation of minorities and common European Identity. The particular attention was paid to active participation of minorities both on international and local levels.

The training course took place in Stip, Macedonia from 20 to 27 May 2011 where different cultures and minorities aimed to live together on equal level.

Partner countries: Romania, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

The project was funded by European Commission’s Youth in Action programme.